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Hamilton Dentists

Price list

-Southern Cross Members are entitled to a 10% discount off treatment (excluding orthodontics and implants). - Student & Gold card senior citizen 5% discount.

Victoria Dentists are General Dentists trained in providing Orthodontic Treatment.

We give free Orthodontic consultation with a free annual dental examination for 13 - 18 year old children.

If you are concerned about your child's teeth, make sure to book them in for their free exam and consultation.


Consultation                                            $50

X-rays                                                $15 each

Full Mouth Exam incl. 2 X-Rays            $80

Comprehensive Examination incl. diagnostic photos, x-rays, jaw scans, oral cancer check                                    $228

Regular Maintenance Scale & Clean    $140

Extractions (non surgical )                    $168-288

White fillings                                            $168-288

Crown                                                         $1400

Root Canal                                                  $750+