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Braces Cleaning

Thu Oct. 15th 2015

QHow often do I need to clean around my brace

A Your dentist will tell you to clean your teeth after every meal. Sometimes it not always possible do this so you could do the next best thing which is, after eating finish your meal off with a drink of plain water. Swish it around in you mouth to get the stubborn food particles off. Not only are you doing your teeth a favour, your kidneys will be thankful as well. Always remember at the very least you must brush twice a day. Morning and night. If you don't do the night brush, all the food you have eaten through the day will just sit on your teeth while you sleep. In that eight hours whilst you are blissfully an aware those little food particles left behind will be growing nasty things inside your mouth at an extremely fast rate they will start to eat into your beautiful smile. Something to think about :) 

QDo I need to use special orthodontic brushes to clean my teeth now?

A This is totally up to you. I would listen to your what your dentist recommends. After all if you have gone to the expense of getting braces it may pay to get a little extra help to keep the area as clean as possible and I cannot stress how important that is.

QWhy have I been recommended to use an orthodontic brush?

AOrthodontic brushes are specifically designed with longer filaments and a smaller brush head to make cleaning brackets and wires easier.

QDo I need to use interdental brushes as well?

AYour Dentist or specialist will advise you on what orthodontic aids are appropriate for you however, Interdental brushes are extremely effective and a handy tool to remove plaque and good debris after meals.

QDo I also have to use a single tufted toothbrush

A In some cases this may be required especially at the beginning of orthodontic work. Once again, you specialist or dentist will advise accordingly.

QCan I eat the same foods that I have always eaten


For the first few days eating hard foods may be a bit uncomfortable as you may feel a bit tender as the braces start to do their job. However that should fade after a while.

To avoid decay forming around the brackets it would help you avoided too much sugary foods or even eat that type of food less frequently. Things like sugary drinks are a common culprit as the liquid can get right into places that larger piece of food may not to get to. 

Same applies to sticky foods. Cutting your food up into smaller bit size pieces helps.