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Partial Denture

Sun June 29th 2014

People who has missing teeth have many options to fill the gap. 

In this chapter, we focus partial denture here. A partial denture fits between your existing teeth like a puzzle piece to complete your smile.

There are 3 types of partial dentures:

Metal chrome denture

plastic denture

Flexible denture

At Victoria Dentists, no matter which types of partial denture you choose,  we use the latest denture teeth designed to carefully match the age and characteristics of individual patients.  Your denture will blend inconspicuously with your natural teeth. It will fit well, and no one will know you are wearing it.

Metal chrome dentures are precisely casted and therefore fit your mouth perfectly. The advantages are:

Plastic dentures are most common type of partial denture. They are usually the patient's first denture since they are more affordable. 

Flexible dentures are normally known by "Valplast dentures". Valplase is a brand name. At Victoria Dentists, the type of flexible denture we fabricate here call " Thermosen denture". It is  innovative non-breakable. Its unique properties allow partials to be less bulky and less coverage than plastic dentures and are very comfortable to wear. The flexible material allows the denture to flex around your natural teeth and the translucent material blends with your gum tissue to make them virtually un-noticeable. 

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