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Victoria Dentists are General Dentists trained in providing Invisalign Treatment. We give free Invisalign consultation with a free yearly dental examination for 13 - 18 year old children. If you are concerned about your child's teeth, make sure to book them in for their free exam and consultation.


Thought about getting your teeth straightened but have been put off with the thought of uncomfortable brackets with tiny rubber bands and not to mention that obvious train track image that will plague your appearance for the following couple of years.


There is an alternative that will be hardly noticeable whilst you are wearing them.

It is called INVISALIGN!


Invisalign is a series of individually manufactured clear acrylic aligners that are specifically made for your teeth.


Basically, after having your first appointments consisting of diagnostic examination, impressions and mapping of your teeth, you will then have a series of appointments with your dentist which are fortnightly apart.

Your dentist will proceed to fit you with a new aligner, which is precisely made to manipulate your teeth into the correct position.

Every appointment after that you will receive a new aligner which has been delicately adjusted so that your teeth will move into the correct space and so on until the required result is achieved.

The aligners are comfortable, almost invisible and are removable so that you may take them out when you eat and also to clean your teeth as per usual.

Will it affect my speech?

The aligners may affect your speech in the short term until your tongue gets used to having them in your mouth. It may be just a matter of a slight lisp for a couple of days or so.

Invisalign is a successfully proven alternative solution to braces.

Call VICTORIA DENTISTS today and ask about INVISALIGN.

By far one of the best aesthetically friendly treatments today!