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Children’s Dentistry

If you have children aged 13 to 18, they can get a free annual check-up and basic routine dental care here at Victoria dentists. We are the children’s dentistry specialist you are looking for in Hamilton.

At Victoria Dentists, we have a contract with the DHB for adolescent dental health benefits. This means their once a year check-up will typically cost you nothing.

In the case of emergencies, we are able to see anyone of any age, including children under the age of 13.

Do you want to find out more about the children’s dentistry services that we offer? Do you want to make an appointment? Book now online or you can call us on 07 8391 660.

Modern Dental Clinic Offering a Full Range of Treatments

Our dental clinic is fully equipped, and our team is experienced and well-trained. This ensures the best possible dental care for your children. Whatever dental or orthodontic treatments they need, they can get them right here at Victoria Dentists.

Our team of dentists, technicians, nurses, and support staff are also friendly, professional, and caring. This ensures the best possible experience.

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