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Here at Victoria Dentists in Hamilton we aim to offer complete dental care for the whole community. We believe it’s important to take a holistic approach at our dental practice, and that’s why we have a team of experts that specialise in the different areas of dentistry.

Free adolescence treatment – All adolescents aged up until 18 years old are eligible to receive free annual check-up and basic routine dental care at Victoria dentists.

Oral sedation – If you are extremely nervous or feel anxious about having a dental procedure done then we can offer you some relief with oral sedation. Oral sedation helps you to relax and makes you less responsive to the external stimuli, such as the sound of the drill and the smell of medications. The administration of an oral sedative helps ensure the dental procedure to going smoothly and also diminishes any sense of panic for the patient.

IV Sedation- We are happy to introduce our new IV Sedation option for those patients feeling just a little nervous for their dental appointment. This is a great alternative for the BIG procedures that just seem a little too daunting on your own.

Painless injection system – STA is the latest computerised dental injection technology that offers single tooth numbing. This means the patient can leave the dental practice without a numb lip or tongue. This system enables the dentist to numb the patient with minimal pain and discomfort. STA injection is actually a computerised controlled drip system which delivers the anaesthetic solution at very low rate, making it virtually undetectable to the patient. “For anyone afraid of needles or injections, I can’t say enough good things about this system.”

Composite white Fillings -At Victoria dentists the majority of our restorative work is done using tooth colour fillings. Compared with traditional silver fillings they are bonded directly to the tooth, making the tooth stronger than it would be with a silver filling. Because they are bonded directly to the tooth, composite resin fillings require less drilling. Another advantage is they are in tooth colour appearance. A range of shades are available so that the colour of your teeth can be matched very closely, making them almost impossible to see.

ACC and emergency – Victoria dentist is accredited by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to provide a wide range of dental treatments caused by an accident. We are 24 hours stand-by as to ensure our patients are well looked after. This service may involve immediate pain relief and repair tooth structure after the accident, or it may also include long term treatment options and follow-up.

Tooth Whitening – this is a safe and effective way of enhancing your natural teeth. Our approved system gives a great result after only 2 weeks and can last for years with an occasional ‘top up’ treatment.

Same day denture repair – We have our own on-site dental lab which allows us to maintain the highest level of quality dental prosthesis. We offer same day denture repairs and relines. Meeting the denture technician in the dental clinic allows for direct communication which ultimately improves patient satisfaction. This also allows us to help control costs and provide our clients with their dentures sooner than they were expecting. We pride ourselves on our prompt service.

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