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5 Signs You Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

In today’s world, we are fed a message by the media that healthy teeth means a perfectly straight, pearly white smile. But this is not always the case. When it comes to dental health, looks can definitely be deceiving, and as professional dentists in Hamilton, we certainly know this to be true.

So what is it that makes for healthy teeth and gums exactly? What are some of the signs that you are on the right track when it comes to your dental health?

No Bad Breath

Yes, all of us experience morning breath from time to time and our breath may not smell the best after a garlicky meal, but in general pleasant-smelling breath is a good indicator that you have good oral health. Bad breath could be a sure sign of decay.

Your Teeth are Not Too Sensitive to Temperature

It can be extremely uncomfortable when your teeth are very sensitive to hot or cold food and beverages. It can cause discomfort in your everyday life. The cause of this is often the stripping away of enamel on your teeth. If your teeth are not sensitive to temperatures, you are on the right path.

Your Gums are Pink and Firm

Firm, pink gums are a definite sign of a healthy mouth. Gums that are very could be a sign of anaemia, while red, swollen gums could be a sign of infection.

You are Not in Pain

If, in general, your mouth, teeth, and gums, are not in any pain, then you can count yourself lucky! Pain and discomfort are the body’s way of indicating that something is wrong. Of course, there are other indicators, but pain is usually the top one.

Your Gums Don’t Bleed When You Floss

Flossing is a very important part of oral hygiene. If your gums tend to bleed when you floss your teeth, your gums may be sensitive, and that can be a sign that bacteria has built up along the gumline.

Do you feel like you don’t have healthy teeth or gums? The best way to remedy this would be to book an appointment with a dental professional!

Are you looking for a dentist that you can trust in Hamilton? We offer a wide range of dental services here at Victoria Dentists, including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental hygiene, and more. Please feel free to get in touch with us today should you want to book an appointment.

Dental Hygiene Benefits From Your Hamilton Family Dentistry

Most of our clients are quite good with scheduling dentist check-ups, but when it comes to dental hygiene appointments, the percentage of clients booking drops off. As your dedicated Hamilton family dentistry support team, we are determined to help you extend the lifespan of your teeth – and so we are waving the dental hygiene flag today. Want a ‘magazine shoot’ type of smile? Book a dental hygiene appointment! Here are the reasons these appointments should be scheduled for every 4 to 6 months and be an integral part of your dental hygiene habits.

Great Gums

Whilst you may believe you have the best dental routine, the chances are that it will never compare to the effectiveness of a dental hygiene service. You might not spot that you are developing an inflamed spot at the back of your gums, a hidden plaque build-up and the related bad breath and gum disease. The biggest culprit for the loss of adult teeth is gum disease. By seeing a hygienist every four to six months, any issue can be nipped in the bud and your gums can be rejuvenated to full health. Missing teeth are unattractive, cause difficulty with eating and are very expensive to replace with implants.

Socially Acceptable Breath

As we get older, the risk of bad breath climbs fast and not seeing a dental hygienist amplifies that risk considerably. If you have ever had to endure a conversation with someone who has a bad breath, you will know it is an awful experience.  Avoid the embarrassment and book an appointment with us. Bad breath is predominantly created by a repairable dental issue. Bacteria discreetly develop below the gumline, which is almost impossible for brushing and flossing to address.

Stunning Smile

As you most likely know, curries, coffee, tea (especially green tea) and smoking will slowly stain your teeth. This staining can be removed but not through brushing. In addition, if you try a commercially available toothpaste to whiten and brighten your teeth, you might choose a product that does more damage than good. If it leaves them more porous, then they will stain even faster! A hygienist will solve the staining problem without affecting the quality of the tooth.

Confidence Builder

By coming to a dental hygienist, you can almost guarantee that you have beautiful teeth and a matching breath (we can’t solve those triple garlic bread repercussions though). Knowing you have a winning smile and breath will make your social interactions more confident (and successful). Talking, laughing and kissing will be a whole lot more fun! And your dental hygienist visits will also mean you will always be catching any smelly or ugly issues before they can set up camp in your precious mouth!

Book a dental hygiene appointment at Victoria Dentists ‒ your Hamilton family dentistry ‒ and smile with confidence!